The important part of customer service is keeping the customers once you bring them in, and having a person to help them get set up with their account and navigate the system, buying experience for your customers is very important.

What Is Customer Care (As It Relates to Customer Service)?

The process for creating an account for a new tenant should be “nimble” and require only the minimal information of a residential lease, and no more, which is common for single-family homes, which, after all, are being leased for use as rental units, he said.

But they are more complicated when renting out small properties, which are typically being used for residential and not commercial purposes, said Mark Yaglir, a residential agent for Keller Williams in Scottsdale.

To create an account for a tenant with a one-story, three-bedroom house or condo, the agent needs to obtain a copy of the contract from the county and send it to their account manager. In most cases, the landlord will also need to have the contract sent to the agent, he said.

“A single-family property is complicated,” Yaglir said.

The agent does not get any benefit from renting a property to a tenant who has signed a lease that includes rental periods that run for a year or more. The lease is required, and if it is not in writing, the tenant cannot use it to secure a rental agreement, he said.

“The rule is that if a landlord wants to offer a tenant a lease that can’t be renewed at any time, then it’s void,” he said. In fact, when you rent a home through a third-party, you do not get the same guarantee that your rental agreement will be honored. So a homeowner who rents through an agent must read the whole lease and know how long each term is. But there are also ways to limit the risk that the lease will become void. A resident living with a non-relative can live in the rental unit in a two-year-old house. The lease term will be three years and the owner will renew it if the resident renews the lease at least every three years. The same will be true for a tenant who lives in a four-year-old house with an owner who lives in a townhouse next door. The tenant will get a two-year lease, the lease renewal will be at least every two years and the owner will renew it at least every three years. For a five-year-old house with a three-year lease, the tenant would have to renew it at least every year and the owner will renew it at least every three years. The owner must provide the unit with heat and hot water, electrical service, garbage collection, and a door for the tenant to enter.






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