The Plight

Plight: [noun] unfortunate condition; a difficult or dangerous situation, especially a sad or desperate predicament.

What is a Throwaway Teen?

  • From age 13 to early twenties.
  • Not receiving adequate care from at least one guardian in a safe home environment.

A Throwaway can be a Runaway

  • The teen can couch hop with various friends
  • They can try to secure a place on their own
  • They are often considered rebels, delinquents, or troublemakers
  • They are not running to something, but running away from an intolerable situation

A Throwaway can be Homeless

  • Teens who run away may have parents or caretakers who don’t care.
  • Some run away and no effort is made by parents or guardians to recover them.
  • Some run away from home and are on the streets for one day or less.
  • Some never return home.
  • Some throwaway teens experience physical emotional or sexual violence in the household.
  • A throwaway’s initial destination could be a friends house.
  • Teens thrown away are without a place to sleep.

A Throwaway can still be living in the home.

Throwaways who remain in the home

  • Can be abused/neglected.
  • Feel they have no alternative but to remain.
  • Might have a fear of Foster Care or other abusive relative adoption.
  • An abusive family might be the only family they know.
  • Are often not reported.

What Creates a Throwaway

  • Guardian abandons or neglects.
  • Guardian asks them to leave.
  • Guardian forces them to leave.
  • Guardian/s abuse the teen.
  • The teen chooses to leave.
  • The teen is barred from returning.

Juvenile Codes Grant the Legal Right for Permanency with a safe family. That means:

  • Freedom from physical, sexual or emotional abuse/exploitation
  • and freedom of substantial neglect or basic needs

Throwaways are Highly Vulnerable

  • Physical Abuse
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Sexual Abuse

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